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LSH Legal

Dutch law firm that offers high-quality and affordable legal services

Juridisch adviesbureau LSH Legal

Dutch law firm

LSH Legal is a law firm in The Netherlands that distinguishes itself by offering high-quality legal advice for a very affordable price.


As a Dutch lawyer with over 10 years of experience in civil law, administrative law and criminal law, I help companies and individuals in The Netherlands with various legal matters, like a dismissal, a conflict over visitation rights, a problem with a municipality or a settlement agreement. 


 I also specialize in providing legal advice to businesses. I am very good at drafting all kinds of contracts and I have extensive experience in drafting terms and conditions and privacy policies (or reviewing them). 


As a former licensed attorney, looking after the interests of the people and companies that I represent is of the utmost importance to me. I am known for the great passion and commitment I have for the cases that I take on. If my clients do not feel that they are being helped, I am not happy.


If you want to know what I can do for you, please send me a message. I will always respond to your message quickly and without charging you anything for that.

Juridisch advieskantoor


"Lisa's commitment, thoroughness, professionalism, expertise, modesty and involvement in drafting and submitting my administrative appeal were simply fantastic. One in a million!"

"Lisa is amazing in what she's doing, extremely helpful and professional." 

"Lisa was professional and straightforward, her communication was A+. I'll definitely use her services again for contract writing and legal advice."

"I was struggling to find custom terms and condition for my particular business which required special attention. Lisa delivered as promised with the jargon of lawyers and the look of professionalism. Very happy with the service, this service gives me peace of mind. This was the solution i was looking for."

Juridisch advieskantoor


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