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Family law

Are you looking for a law firm in The Netherlands because of problems that relate to family law? Emotions can quickly run high in conflicts within the family. If you are dealing with such a matter, it may be a good idea to obtain legal advice in good time or to (temporarily) outsource the communication to a Dutch lawyer.

As a former licensed attorney specialized in Dutch family law, I have extensive experience in dealing with such situations, for example legal assistance with a divorce or changing a visitation arrangement. 

Divorce in The Netherlands

A divorce will often impact your life in many ways. When you're in the middle of it, there usually are a lot of emotions at play. As a result, it often happens that you miss certain things in defending your own interests.

It is therefore always good to hire a Dutch lawyer that can help you with this. If you want to get a divorce as easily as possible - without involving licensed attorneys and expensive lawsuits - an experienced law firm in The Netherlands can give you the help you need. This also applies to the dissolution of a registered partnership .  

Visitation arrangement


There can be many reasons for wanting to change a Dutch visitation arrangement. The visitation arrangement may not work well for the children or it may be that the other parent does not live up to the agreements. This can lead to frustrations, irritations and disappointed children.


In such situations, it can be important to try to change the agreements, initially in consultation with the other parent. Because the relationship with the other parent is sometimes estranged, complicated or downright bad, it can be advisable to get the assistance of a Dutch lawyer. I provide you with sound legal advice and/or take over the communication with the other parent.  

Parental custody and recognition of the child

If you want to change parental authority, from sole parental custody to joint parental custody or

vice versa, I can advise you on that as well. When a child is born within a marriage, both 

parents automatically have custody in The Netherlands. But that's not the case if you were not

married when the child was born .


I can also advise you on issues surrounding parenthood, such as the recognition of a child. Through

recognition you become the legal parent of the child. You do not have to be the biological

parent of the child for that. 


Given my extensive experience as a Dutch lawyer, specialized in family law, I am well aware of the way this works. As a former trail attorney, I also know how lawsuits about these topics are conducted. Therefore, I can provide you with good and thorough legal advice about this.


Youth Services

​ It is possible that a Dutch youth care agency starts an investigation into your family situation. This is usually done by a body such as Youth Protection, the William Schrikker Foundation (WSS) or the Child Protection Board. There may be an (imminent) supervision order or custodial placement of the children.


Since this can have far-reaching consequences, it is important to obtain legal advice in good time. I am specialized in these matters and can advise you on how best to deal with this. I can also communicate on your behalf with the relevant youth care agency.  

Dutch legal help

If you are dealing with a family law issue, you can always contact me without obligation. I will let you know as soon as possible what I can do for you.  ​​​

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