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Drafting contracts 

As a Dutch lawyer, I have 10+ years of experience in drafting and reviewing contracts for individuals and small to medium-sized companies (SMEs) in The Netherlands, for example a:

Do you need an agreement that falls under Dutch law? Or do you want to have a contract checked by a law firm in The Netherlands? Then you've come to the right place. I am also specialized in providing Dutch companies with sound legal advice. Feel free to contact me now!

Legal advice Dutch companies  

It is important for companies to have sound contracts for their collaborations with partners, suppliers and employees. Many agreements can be included in terms and conditions. My expertise is drafting tailor-made contracts and terms and conditions. To ensure that companies can also the legal documents themselves, I always provide them with legal advice on how to do this.

You can also hire me to negotiate about the terms of a Dutch contract, even if the contract has not been drafted by me. I can even completely take over negotiations with the other party.

Review of a contract 

If you already have a contract and you want a law firm in The Netherlands to check whether everything is in order, you can also contact me. I know exactly what the pitfalls are and what the best ways are to improve a contract.


If you want to draft a contract yourself and then have it checked by a Dutch lawyer, I recommend that you contact me as soon as possible. This because sometimes it can take a long time to adapt contract that has not been properly drafted. To have me write a contract does not have to be expensive. It is always possible to ask me for a price and contact me without obligation.

Conflict over a Dutch contract

It often happens that conflicts arise over the explanation of a contract. You can prevent this to a large extent by having the contract property drafted by an experienced Dutch lawyer. But even then, you can still end up in a conflict with a customer or supplier. For example, in the event of non-payment or non-performance. In some cases, you need a lawyer that is specialized in another area of law as well, when the conflict is a about a rental agreement for example.

In the event that you want to end a conflict about a certain subject, it is often best to do that with a settlement agreement. For example, if you want to end a neighbor dispute or employment agreement. I am specialized in various areas of Dutch law and as such, an expert in providing sound legal advice on settlement agreements.


As a licensed trial attorney I have assisted many companies and people in lawsuits in The Netherlands. So I am well-equipped to estimate the chance of success of starting or continuing with a legal matter. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact me.  

Legal advice ICT companies

I am also specialized in drafting contracts and terms and conditions for ICT companies, for example for SaaS platforms. Preparing customized legal documents for such companies can be complex. Matters like liability, intellectual property and warranties must be handled properly. It is also important that privacy obligations under the General Data Protection Act (AVG or GDPR) are met. It is therefore important to engage a Dutch lawyer that is specialized in providing ICT companies with legal advice. ​

Legal advice for Dutch individuals


I also assist individuals that need a contract or are seeking advise about it. This often happens when an employment contract or rental agreement is terminated. I can also help you of you are looking for legal advice before signing an agreement.

Have a contract drawn up or checked

Do you want to have a contract written that falls under Dutch law? Do you want to have a contract checked by a Dutch lawyer? Are you looking for a law firm in The Netherlands that can provide you with legal advice? Or do you need help negotiating a contract?


You've come to the right place! You can always message meI usually respond within a few hours and always within 24 hours. 

contract laten opstellen


"Lisa was professional and straightforward, her communication was A+. I will definitely use her services again for contract writing and legal advice."

"This was the second time we've asked Lisa to draft a contract for us, and once again she's done a great job. She knows what she's talking about and delivers a quality job." ​

"Lisa assisted me with my dismissal, resulting in a settlement agreement (VSO). She took over all communication for me, which gave me a lot of peace. In between I received updates and tips from her, which is very nice so you know how things are going. She is doing this very professionally and skillfully. I also learned an important lesson: Don't give in too quickly, even in stressful situations. Thank you Lisa!"

"Great experience and delivered before expected deadline. Would highly recommend her A++"

" True pro, highly recommended "

Excellent work from Lisa, great communication skills...Attention to detail was refreshing....Easy to recommend.

"I struggled to find terms and conditions for my specific business. Lisa delivered with lawyer jargon and the look of professionalism. Very happy with the service, this service gives me peace of mind. This was the solution I was looking for."

"Lisa is amazing at what she does, extremely helpful and professional."

"Lisa did a great job again. Her communication and services were A+. I highly recommend her. Thank you!"

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